About Rex

The year is 1892 and city architect F-O Lindström completes the City Hall. Subsequently, city services such as the post office, tax office, judicial system, police, prison, school authorities and many others are housed in the building until 1996 when Rex move into large parts of the premises.

Since its inception, Rex has operated a restaurant, bar, banquet hall and conference facilities. Rex has always wanted and will always want to be the place for everyone and for many good moments in life. Over the years, we have become the best friend of the people around us with the longest hanging bar in Norrland. We are mentioned in the Whiteguide for both the food and the bar, where we are ranked as one of the best in the country.

In 2011, the Brasseriet was renovated. The restaurant was opened up, given a larger space where the division between bar and dining room was blurred.

In autumn 2015, Rex expanded with two more new businesses in City Hall, the City Hall Cellar and Juliette. Now we can offer something for everyone and every occasion. An entertainment centre in the middle of central Umeå.

We have also strengthened our conference centre and now boasts 7 conference rooms, equipped with new technology and new environments. In autumn 2015 we also opened up the City Hall Passage, which now links the entire City Hall.


Rådhustorget 1 
903 26 Umeå 

090-70 60 50 

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