Rådhustorget - Umeå's centre since the 17th century.
In 1888, Umeå was hit by a devastating fire.
The old Town Hall was one of many buildings that fell victim to the flames.

After the fire, the Town Hall was rebuilt. The town hall, completed in 1892, was designed by F.O Lindström, the city's first urban architect. With its representative exterior, it is reminiscent of the Dutch Renaissance style. It was said to be the resurrection of the new Umeå from the rubble of the old.

When the city was rebuilt after the fire, the river was still the main communication route. That's why all the buildings in the city centre face the water, including the Town Hall. The opening of the railway station a few years later was expected to attract a royal visit, which resulted in the Town Hall being given another "front", the one that today faces the Town Hall Square.

Originally, the Town Hall housed the judiciary, police & prosecutors, telegraph station, post office, and auction house. The Post & Telegraph then moved to the Riksbank building, which was completed in 1902, while the police force remained until 1938 when they were given their own police house. Today, the city administration is housed in the old K4 premises.
The Town Hall was used by the District Court until 1994.

After two years of reconstruction, the "new" Town Hall was opened. The old police premises are now home to Rex Brasserie, the old courtroom is now the Town Hall's banquet hall and other parts of the building include our conference rooms, Juliette and the Town Hall Cellar. On the upper floor there is also a ceremony room.

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